True Reverse Perspective from JMS on Vimeo.

This is the final proof-of-concept video from 2009, made to illustrate True Reverse Perspective. The scene was modelled and rendered in a camera-hacked version of AoI [ ], Peter Eastman’s open source, java-based 3D package.

In Reverse Perspective the expected visual rules are inverted, so close objects are small and far objects are big. This is not only true for whole objects, but their structure as well. So the near points of an object are closer together, relative to its far points, which gives the flared-out look of the buildings, and the scene as a whole.

Essentially, the positions of the vanishing-point and the focal-point are swapped. So now we are at the vanishing-point, where geometry shrinks to nothingness, and the focal-point lies some distance ahead, beyond which objects scale to infinity.

The effect is achieved entirely in-camera. The scene and models themselves have no unusual scaling, they’re laid out in a normal / perpendicular fashion; the way the camera ‘sees’ the scene is altered to create the effect. Perspective is truly reversed.

[ Updated below ] As simple a concept as this is, it seems to not have been attempted before in CG, certainly with the intent of making a consistent, explorable Reverse Perspective environment*.

There are precedents however; painted Russian Orthodox Icons sometimes featured what is called Byzantine-perspective in the buildings and backgrounds - as a way of describing God looking out at the world, through the painting. It’s a beautiful concept; a God’s perspective.

Further, an artist named Patrick Hughes sculpts in what he describes as Reverspective. His work is optical-illusion, and based on reversing parallax and precession, rather than actually altering perspective.

I have some more videos, including various test videos and a silhouette-effect demo. And I will add more, documenting my recent work on implementing the RP effect in Maya via the API.

- Links to the original (informal) paper on implementing TRP, in two parts (PDF):
1. 2.

- Link to a more recent paper on implementing TRP in the Maya API, has some good background info on Reverse Perspective and is more technical (PDF):

* Further research notes that Viktor Massalogin made a screensaver that rotates simple geometry in RP mode, in 2003. That said, [see below for updated info] I am unaware of anyone attempting a full environment in RP on purpose, but I can’t imagine it hasn’t happened, at the very least accidently, when people were developing computer-visualization algorithms and writing game-engines.


David R. Belmonte has contacted me below with links to his Perspectiva Inversa work (both CG and paint). He has done excellent work in exploring this effect, and predates this project by some 10 years! I hope he’ll return to this area of CG in the future and help show off the potential of the technique.

Here’s some links to his work (also check David’s second comment below, for links to more RP inspired work by different artists):

Scott Grodesky has also worked in RP (paint) and contacted me. More fantastic work linked:

RP with real optics: (Russian) (English translation from Russian)

Daniel Piker

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Pixellation process breakdown from Chris Cousins on Vimeo.

Some stills & production clips from the making of Pixellation. One for the nerds. Watch the original film here:

0:16-0:20 - gripper modelling stills from Groboto
0:20-0:35 - gripper rigging in Cinema
0:35-0:40 - door build in Modo using MeshFusion. Lots of nodes. Not sure how to better explain this bit!
0:40-1:00 - setup scene & rig in Cinema. Heavy use of Topology maps to modulate materials and achieve worn/shiny edges
1:00-1:08 - production line setup, using simple dynamics and lots of fine tuning
1:08-1:24 - conveyor belt build, using spring connectors and even more fine tuning
1:24-1:35 - inspector, made with a ridged spline from here:
1:35 - 1:39 - compositing in AE
1:40 - 1:49 - inspector UI breakdown. Lots of Nodes from Yanobox:
1:50 - 2:08 - type effect workflow
2:08 - 2:19 - CCTV logo breakdown

Probably as close as I’ll get to doing a tutorial, so shout if there’s any other details that you might be interested in.
All camera work uses the awesome camera rig, SteadyCamPro:

Audio for this clip is ‘Submerged’, from Perverse.

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IAA 2013 Mercedes-Benz Show from Barbecue on Vimeo.

Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Agency: Atelier Markgraph
Light Design: TLD-Plan
Showconcept: Mark Gläser
VVVV: Thomas Eichhorn, Eno Henze, Sebastian Neitsch
Music: Michael Kadelbach, Parviz Mir-Ali

LED content & Postproduction: Rüdiger Chmielus, Mario Leithäuser, Daniel Lo Locono, Tina Löwenstern, Marcus Martinez, Matthias Schilder, Matthias Winckelmann

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Keepers of the Craft from Nathaniel Day on Vimeo.

"Keepers of the Craft" is a short documentary about the art of traditional sign making. This video was shot for a Digital Documentary in the Spring of 2012 at the Art Institute of Dallas. Starr Studios, of Denton, Texas is owned by 20 year veteran sign maker Sean Starr.

This is my first documentary I have ever made. I hope you all enjoy.

Sign Painters and Starr Studios Owners
Sean Starr
Kayleigh Starr

Sign Painting Apprentice
Taylor Darley

Directed and Produced by
Nathaniel Day

Tai Day
Chase Lee
Greg Israel

Camera Assistants
Jazzy Gonzales
Jorge Salazar

Stainless Studio Tattoo Owner and Artist
Rob Holland

Music by
Lymbyc Systym

Edited and Audio by
Nathaniel Day
Greg Israel

Special Thanks to people who gave feedback and advice during the production.
2012 Ai Digital Documentary Class
Evan Burns
Danny Cooke
Vince Williams
Danny Patarack
Doug Holmes
Omar Sebita

End Credits Font by
David Smith
The font can be found at David Smith’s website, and can also be seen on John Mayer’s new Album Born and Raised.

David Smith Website Link

You can also see the documentary by Danny Cooke on David Smith at

This video was a huge inspiration for my film.

Cameras Used

Panasonic Af-100 
Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 7D

Edited in Premiere Pro CS5
Colored with Colorista II

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THE EDITOR from Inside The Edit on Vimeo.

Nobody knows what we do… so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images.

Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart
Script – Paddy Bird

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Spring Reel from David Holm on Vimeo.

Collection of client and personal work from September 2013 to March 2014.

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LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films…..

= a trip of a lifetime.

move, eat, learn

For updates and sneak peeks at upcoming projects please feel free to follow me on facebook and instagram

Rick Mereki : Director, producer, additional camera and editing
Tim White : DOP, producer, primary editing, sound
Andrew Lees : Actor, mover, groover

These films were commissioned by STA Travel Australia:

Thanks heaps to Adam Fyfe, Brendan, Simon and Crissy at STA.

All Music composed and performed by Kelsey James (
Soundtrack available here:

Music Recorded and mixed by Jake Phillips

Colour Grade : Edel Rafferty and Roslyn Di sisto
Online Edit : Peter Mirecki

Assistance in titles and production design : Lee Gingold, Jason Milden, Rohan Newman

Big Ups to Michelle, Kiri, Renee, Hana, Andre, Ross, Bernie & Julie for your patience and support and awesomeness…..

Huge Thanks to :
Marco, Juliana and Julio at GAP Argentina and Peru
Ariana Cardenas, Toni Figuera and cooltra scooters in Barcelona,
Abete Zanetti Glass blowing school, Murano, Venice (
Annabel, Rosario and Carolina (Pitu) in France
Juane and Andrea from the Princeca Insolenta hostel in Chile

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. The response has been phenomenal and overwhelming. We never thought this little project would reach out to so many people. x

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Visual Arabia 2013 Title Sequence from Juan Behrens on Vimeo.

Visual Arabia 2013 - Open inspiration.
A celebration of everything creative in the region.
20 March | Centrepoint Theatre, Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre

Featured speakers:
Onesize / Hydro74 / Eric Kim / Fikra Design Studio / Brownmonkeys / Kristy Anne Ligones

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Blood Orange: Liam Morgan Raw Run Vol. 2 from Blood Orange on Vimeo.

Liam shreds faster than most, and his ability to do it with style is a testament to his skill on a board. There’s no better way to showcase his style and skill than with a raw run. No cutting. No fancy camera angles. Just pure skateboarding. This might just be the rawest of all raw runs. Be sure to check out the our newest products that are helping Liam navigate this insanely dangerous terrain - including our new griptape and gloves. Happy Shredding!

Song: Surreal & The Sound Providers - Place to Be
Check out The Sound Providers on Facebook:

Film/Edit: Jack Boston
Follow us on Instagram: @skatebloodorange

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RYU VS JESSE (A Street Fighter-Breaking Bad tribute) from Junior Jesman on Vimeo.

Hello, My name is Junior Jesman.
I am an animator based in the UK and I would like to share this little short film my friends and I created as a tribute to our favourite video-game (street fighter) and TV show (Breaking Bad). I hope you like it!

Concept and Animation
Junior Jesman

Visual Effects and Post production
Mark Jones

Shaders, Lighting & Rendering
Andy Stevenson

Background Modelling and Props
Phil Bale

Audio Design
Mike McLafferty

Special Thanks to
Eva Golubeva for the ideas and push

Extended Thanks to
Tomasz Tyrka for the early render tests
Adam Conway render help
And everyone else who helped!

Shout out to the Anim Guild (sleeve!) and the FSG fighter crew

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  • 3 months ago

Street typography from Tom Williams on Vimeo.

A short film of two craftsmen at work. Happened to see them at work very early one morning and grabbed the camera.

Street typography in action.

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  • 4 months ago

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

Music: The New Lobby Boy by Alexandre Desplat

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  • 4 months ago

Fisheye from Russell Houghten on Vimeo.

This video was shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 3 camera inside of different fish bowls. I wanted to take advantage of the GoPros “Fisheye” lens and waterproof housing and make something unique to the camera.

Video by:
Instagram: @russellhoughten
Music by:
Cameras by:
Support by:

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